Can a person fall from grace and the power of GOD and lose his salvation?
Well the word “lose” sets some people a flame because they think of “to lose” is like they have lost their keys to the car.   No that is not the lost we are talking about. The lost were talking about is something we had and then let it slip away from us because we did not hold on to it. We willingly let it go or it became too hard to keep and it was easier to let it go than to keep it.

The Bible is perfectly clear that if we abide in His love, His love will sustain us and His love is not setting around singing “Kum bay ya” all the time either. He said go out and preach the gospel to every creature His love and His word. A commandment given to us by Jesus and His prophets. Then we are secured, not by trying to keep the law’s but by the righteousness of JESUS’ words that comes from obeying JESUS CHRIST’ law’s. JESUS said, “if my word’s abide in you, you are surely my disciples. Read all the place’s where JESUS spoke.

No one can pluck us out of the hand of JESUS. But GOD GAVE us warning also in the Old Testament and the New Testament also. JESUS said he would blot you out of his book if you sin against Him and that sin was denying Him. You can deny Jesus in your sinning toward him too by continually practicing sin the same sin continually and like the one believer sleeping with his mother-in-law, Paul gave him over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh so that his spirit might be saved. In the day of Christ, Paul knew full well that if this man did not come out of this sin quickly his heart would get even harder to the point that he would denounce Christ. He would say “you people are wrong, I love my mother-in-law” and he would have kept on sinning with her.         Remember what Paul said, a little leaven will leaven the whole lump.   This brother in Christ would have lead others to do the same thing.   It is kind of what has happened to Churches today, with their homosexual lives of sodomy.   Same thing happens to some of the martyrs when they are put on stakes to be burned.   Some were denying Christ, that’s why Jesus said you deny me and I will deny you.   Tell me, are you smarter than a 1st grader?   Where do you have to be in Christ to deny Jesus, saved or unsaved, come on people?   People tell me all the time, well they were not saved to begin with. Well you go ahead and butt heads with Jesus all you want, I will wait right here. For one, that’s a hard place to be at the point of death, and second,  if your not taught what to do you will fall every time.   But there is one problem, He is not talking to children in Christ, He is talking to adults in Christ that know what to do. My own children have lied to keep from getting in trouble and if i don’t teach them what is right teach them to say the truth they will do the same thing over.   Then if they deny speaking the truth again then they are in real trouble.   I love the way Jesus uses stories to picture what he was saying.   You can deny him in works laying idle all your life, sinning to the point of denying he is real, or just turning your back on him. Because you love the thing of the world more then Jesus.    And the big one, denying him at the point of death to save your skin cause you love this life more than you love Jesus.   Look at Peters life, he denied Jesus 3 times.   And he walked and talked to GOD IN THE FLESH.   And after Jesus rose from the dead Jesus asked Peter 3 times, “do you love me Peter?”  And in Luke 22:32-34 Jesus told Peter after you are converted, strengthen the brethren.   Because Jesus knew that Peter was still a child in Christ and not yet an adult.   So I recommend everyone to read your King Jimmy (KJV) and be a good steward of the word.   Correctly dividing the word of truth and not quoting from the foot notes in your bible because they are not GODs BREATH, stick to scripture. Other bible versions footnotes is where it all started too.   It is leading millions to sin.  I’m secured I don’t have to work to keep my salvation.   I asked them “how did you get saved”, they say I confessed Jesus as my Lord.   I say well, if Jesus is your Lord, is there something we have to do or work at?   You see faith without works is dead.   Because Jesus said you have to do the first step/or work that is to turn / repent then he saves you by his grace / power and you through faith / believing in Jesus’ words. Like Jesus said “lest they turn and I would heal them”. BUT here a web site to go to that has all the scripture’s written down so I don’t have too. Explaining how you can lose your salvation in word thought and deed.

Find More Information here for “Once Saved Always Saved” from including full scripture references.



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