This was a beautiful day for me, because the old man was a God sent for me.
I was setting at a booth in a truck stop in Bloomington IL. I was reading my Bible and an old man walked by me and went to buy some ice cream and cake. As he came back by me again, he stopped and asked “what are you reading son”? I said, “the Bible” and I closed it and said that looks like a good idea, some ice cream. So I ordered me some and I asked him to sit down and join me. So he did, and we talked about the Bible. He told me that he came from a christian home and had been driving a long time. He then asked me how I came to know Jesus!

There is where I did not want to go. It was a hard road coming to JESUS. But, he was willing to listen and he did. We ate our ice cream and cake and talked about Jesus. He said son, you know I’m glad I met you tonight, because I have not read my Bible in years. He said that it seemed that the best preachers have come from the worst places. And me coming from a preachers home you’d think I would  have loved GOD MORE. But I don’t. But, he said you have reminded me where I need to be! and for that I’m glad. He said son, have a blessed day and keep up the good work and he got up and left. I said to myself “Wow”, thank you JESUS, I needed that! Thank you LORD JESUS, LORD I GIVE YOU MY LIFE BECAUSE THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO GIVE please Bless my family and keep them safe amen.

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